U 575

II.WO Lt.z.S. Harald Mayer

U 575



Lt.z.S. Mayer, Harald   geb. 1.3.1924 

II. WO ab der 9.Feindfahrt

U 620 seit 1.3.1941

U 575 seit 24.7.1943

Fähnrich: 20.4.1942

Oberfähnrich: 20.4.1943

Leutnant z.S.: 1.11.1943



Mayer   Harald   Lt.z.S.   U-575. 2WO.  he joined up 1 March 1941, became Fähnrich 20 April 1942, made one patrol with U-620, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Stein, from Kiel to La Pallice.  He went to U.L.D., Gotenhafen, early in 1943, became Oberfähnrich on 20 April 1943; after the series of one-month courses for prospective officers, he was assigned to U575, joining her on 24 July 1943; he made the ninth patrol as Second Watch Officer, although still Oberfähnrich, and was commissioned Leutnant 1 November 1943, while at sea.  If U575 had returned from her tenth patrol he would presumably have become Executive Officer on this or another U-boat.  Pow.13.03.44.                 



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