U 575

I. WO OLt.z.S. Helmut Gramlow

U 575



OLt.z.S. Gramlow, Helmut   geb. 5.6.1923

Eintritt in die Marine: 22. November 1940

7. Kompanie in Stralsund

38. Minensuchflotille in Cherbourg: 12.12.1940 bis Ende Mai 1941

Kadett: 22.2.1941

Marineschule Flensburg: 2.6.1941

Fähnrich: 1.8.1941

Portepee-Fähnrich auf U 573 KpLt. Heinsohn: 26.9.1941 (drei Feindfahrten)

U-Boots-Lehr-Division (U.L.D.) Pillau: März 1942

Oberfähnrich: 1.7.1942

Als III. WO auf U 951 OLt.z.S. Pressel: Ende Dezember 1942

Leutnant z.S.: 1.1.1943

U 575 II. WO: Anfang 1943 8.Feindfahrt

U 575 I. WO: 10.Feindfahrt




U-575. 1WO. joined the Navy on 22 November 1940 and had his first training at the 7th Company in Stralsund.  From 12 December 1940 to late May 1941 he was assigned to the 38th Minesweeping Flotilla in Cherbourg.  On 22 February 1941 he was rated as Cadet.  On 2 June 1941 he was sent to the Marineschule, Flensburg.  He became Midshipman as of 1 August 1941.  On 26 September 1941 he received the Portepee, and on the same day he was assigned to U-573, then under command of Kapitänleutnant Heinsohn.  He made three patrols with Heinsohn:  the first from Kiel to St. Nazaire; the second from St. Nazaire to Messina, after which the U-boat made a 10-day trip ending at Pola; the third out from Pola and returning to Pola.  Late in March 1942 he left U573 and went to U.L.D. in Pillau.  Because of illness of seven weeks, he did not complete his course here until late July 1942.  During this time he was promoted to Senior Midshipman (Oberfähnrich) as of 1 July 1942.  Then began the series of one-month courses for prospective commissioned officers.  These courses were completed by late December 1942, at which time he was assigned to U-951, commanded by Oberleutnant Pressel.  U951 was now having her trials in the Baltic, and Gramlow was Third Watch Officer, having been commissioned Leutnant as of 1 January 1943.  He left U951, however, before she sailed for her first patrol, and was assigned to U575 as Second Watch Officer.  He joined U575 on her return from her seventh patrol.  Missing the ninth patrol because of an injury described elsewhere in this report, he served as Executive Officer on the tenth patrol.  If U575 had returned from this patrol, Gramlow would have been sent to P.C.O. school.   Pow.13.03.44.          Birthday: 05.06.1923


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