U 575

MaschOGfr (engine private first class) Kurt Lück
Kurt Lück
Before war

Born 11.January 1922, youngest form three brothers in Berlin. Apprenticeship to toolmaker. With 19 Years service as volounteer by the Navy. He was a typical U-Boat-man, the most men was young and most of the U-Boat captains was young, too. Often in the twenties.


Since 4.6.1941 5./2. Schiffsstammabteilung, Hage/East Frisia

9.9.1941 – 26.10.1941 2./2. U-Boat education division in Neustadt

27.10.1941 – 3.1.1942 7. U-Flotilla St. Nazaire personal reserve

4.1.1942 – 13.3.1944   “U 575” 7. U-Flotilla as Diesel-fireman

13.3.1944  KIA by sinking of the boat




1.3.1942      Maschinengefreiter (engine private)

1.4.1943            Maschinenobergefreiter (engine private first class or fireman Lance Corporal; NATO-Rang OR-3)




4.6.1942            U-Boots-Kriegsabzeichen (U-Boat War Badge)

9.8.1942       Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse (Iron cross 2. cl.)



Paris 1942


Vacation in Paris with two comrades shortly after entering port in St. Nazaire at 24.8.42.
Kurt Lück
Applications image for the Navy
Kurt Lück
Back from operation
  from left: MaschOGfr Öhmichen, FkOGfr Popp, MaschOGfr Lück
  Am Strand  
left in front
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