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This site deals with the German U-Boat „U 575“ and our family member Kurt Lück, who volunteers for the German Navy as he was been  nineteen and he was been on “U 575” from the first journey. He was been belonging to the bloody age-group 1922, whose pupils were sent to the war directly from the school and have had the biggest casualties of all age-groups. One of these casualties was him. Swimming in the sea after the sinking of “U 575” he was shot deadly.

On this site are informations to take part for all those, who are interested  in, naturally most of the articles are in German language. It spends a lot of time to translate this quantity of informations, but I try to dispose more and more in English, because I  know that in German U-boat forces interested people are spread all over the world. A part of the informations, predominantly of allied sources, are already in English.


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Sinking report from the Wellington B 172. Sq.


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Announcement in the Hamburger Illustrierten about U 575 Why the name Liliput ?  
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