U 575

Boats Facts

construction number: 75

type: VII C

construction dockyard: Blohm & Voß, Hamburg

construction order: 08.01.40

keel laying: 01.08.40

launch: 30.04.41

commission: 19.06.41

army postal service nr.: M 44068

flotilla belonging:

7. U-Fl. trainings boat 19.06.41 – 31.08.41

7. U-Fl. front boat       01.09.41 – 13.03.44


During the dockyard time from 12/43-2/44 get the boat a snorkel.


patron: Dornbirn/Austria


MAXIMUM DEPTH: 230 meters


The abecedarian constructions numbers, which are attached from Blohm & Voß to the U-Boats today, probably were been attached after the war.



Summary of the Interrogation Report (US-Office of Naval Intelligence)


        U-575 was built by Blom and Voss, Hamburg.  It could not be ascertained when she was laid down.  The launching is believed to have taken place mid-May, 1941.  The U-boat was commissioned on 19 June 1941.  Soon after, she left for Kiel, where U.A.K. trials were carried out and completed by late July 1941.  U-575 then left for silent-running tests at an undetermined place in Denmark (neither Rönne nor Sonderborg).  In early August U-575 left for Norway with an escort of patrol vessels.  She put in at Kristiansand and also at another small harbor farther up the coast before reaching her destination, which was the Hoplafjord.

Here the crew of U-575 lived on a parent ship of the Horn line. Torpedo-firing trials were the first to be made.  These were followed by various tests such as the measured mile and a primitive kind of Agrufront (but not under this name).  There were no tactical exercises.  Following a short period in dock in Trondheim, U-575 was ready to leave on her first war patrol.

        The officers at this time were:

                Captain:  Kapitänleutnant Gunther Heydemann, of the 1933 term.

                Executive Officer:  Leutnant Boehme (O.N.I. Note:  It is not known which Boehme this is.)

                Second Watch Officer:  Leutnant Stahl (O.N.I. Note:  Possibly Albert Stahl, of the 1937 A term, later Commanding Officer of U-648.)

                Engineer Officer:  Oberleutnant (Ing.) Kiehn (O.N.I. Note:  Believed to be Helmut Kiehn, of the 1936 term.)


Four U-Boats on the launchway 10 by Blohm & Voß at 24.9.1940. From left to right:

U 578, U 577, U 576, U 575 and U 567 (on launchway 9).


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