U 575


Commissions badge (UAK-Abzeichen) during the commission and the acceptance of the Kriegsmarine.

Wappen DornbirnEmblem of the patron town Dornbirn in Austria. The crew had red neckerchiefs with the emblem Dornbirn`s.

Everey boat had a alias name. U 575 had the name „Liliput“ from the bar on the Hamburg`s Reeperbahn. In this bar was the crew often during his dockyard-time in Hamburg. She had a pullover with the name "Liliput“ in front.  Since summer 1943 had the crew the Liliputaner on their caps.

FahneHere the Dornbirn enblem on the tower before the first operation. Unfortunately very dark.

The „Stier von Scapa Flow“, the emblem from the 7.U-Boat-Flotilla, on eizher side of the tower.

City of FlintAfter U 575 sanks the „City of Flint“ at 25.1.1943 with torpedo shot were the name and the silhouette on the 8,8cm gun painted. On the gun standes all names and size of all sanks vessels.
Totenkopfflagge During the first operation. Skull and crossbones flag and right the emblem from Dornbirn.
  TotenkopfabzeichenThis emblem after the 5th operation. The vessel ist the armed "City of Flint".
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