U 575

7. war patrol

December 16, 1942 to February 18, 1943

Operational area: Middel-Atlantic/south the Azores

U 575



plan 7.war patrol

In this time met U 575  to the well-known group “Delphin”. This group operated from 26.12.42 – 15.2.43 in first as an outpost line and than at the tanker convoy TM 1 with oil for the invasions forces in North-Africa (seven tanker from nine were sank). One boat, U 442 sank, another one (U 381) was damaged. The boats U 87, U 103, U 107, U 125, U 202, U 258, U 264, U 381, U 436, U 442, U 511, U 522, U 524, U 558, U 571, U 575 and U 620 consists the group. Some boats only short time in the group, because they have sailed back to home port, other boats changed to the group “Rochen”. 

On 9.1.43 00.03  a.m. U 575 listen after a FAT 4th-torpedo shot explosions and thought that, it was  a hit. In reality the explosions were depth charges. At 6.36 a.m. shot the boat a stern torpedo on the Norwegian tanker “Minister Wedel” with 6.830 GRT, therefore it began to burn (Position: 28°08´N/28°20`W grid square DG8682, convoy TM 1) .

Two minutes later, 6.38 a.m., one hit with a torpedeo caused by a FAT-4th-shot on the Norwegian tanker under Panama flag “Norvik” with 10.034 GRT.

Both were sinking after a finishing shot from U 522. “Minister Wedel” were all surviving, the “Narvik” lost two men and 43 surviving.

On 25.1.1943 from the convoy UGS.4 U 575 sank the US vessel „City of Flint“ with 4.963 GRT at 22.05 h (grid square DG 1326). On board were 24 armed guard sailors, a armed troup to protect the ships, four men of this were KIA. The vessel was heavy armed with artillery (2 x 12,5 cm and 8,8 cm), anti aircraft guns, machine guns and distance measuring equipment. The cargo were tanks, air planes and other war material. From 65 crew member were 59 survived.

On 28.1.  48 castaways  will saved from the Portuguese destroyer “Lima”. On 12.3., after 46 days in the life boat, picked up 10 men from the English ship HMS Quadrant. 

On 3.9.1939 the “City of Flint” was one of the vessels, whose came to help to the by U 30 torpedoed “Atheina” and picked up castaways. On 9.10.1939 the CoF was captured as a  prize from the ironclad “Deutschland”. Passing through Norwegian territorial water on the way to Murmansk, they were stopped from the Norwegian Mine sleeper  „Olav Tryggvason“. The German crew was interned and the vessel gave them free on 4.1. in Bergen.


Interrogation Report(O.N.I.) 7th war patrol

City of Flint

City of Flint

Minister Wedel

M/T Minister Wedel


M/T Norvik


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