U 575

5.war patrol

June 10 to August 7, 1942

Operational area: Caribic


U 575


plan 5.war patrol


From 12. – 16.6.42 part of the group „Endraß“ against the convoy HG.84 (five vessel herefrom were sank).  With the boats U 71, U 84, U 89, U 132, U 134, U 437, U 552, U 571 and U 575 (one herefrom damaged), grid square BE/BF-BE/CE-BD.

On June 16th, 1942 at 1.58 a.m. attack of a vessel from the convoy HG.84 in grid square BE 8311. U 575 listened by a torpedo quad after 2 min. 16 sec. a hit without detonation, probably pistol mistake.

At July 4th, 3.42 a.m. sank the US vessel “Norlandia” with 2.689 GRT in grid square DN 96. Wrong reported as the Panama vessel “Portland” with 2.648 GRT.

A few days later, on July 9th at 2.47 a.m. sank (ED 9679) the English vessel “Empire Explorer” (ex Inanda), build 1925, 1940 in the dock heavy damaged by a bomb attack and new built-on, with 5.345 GRT.

On the day July, 18th U 575 came to three hits. At 6.26 a.m. the English vessel “San Gaspar” 12.910 GRT with a program controlled torpedo (LUT) attacked and reported as sunk. After the war to make public, that the “San Gaspar” was only damaged. At the same day, U 575 sank the English schooners “Glacier” with 130 GRT (grid square EE 78) and “Comrade” with 110 GRT (EE 75) with the board gun.    


Summary of the Interrogation Report (US O.N.I.)

        Late in July 1942, U-575 again sailed from St. Nazaire for her operational area in the North Atlantic.  She operated independently, sinking a total of 20,000 tons.

        Her first attack was on an independent freighter, which U-575 sank with two torpedoes.  The attack was made at night from the surface.

        Not more than a week later a second independent freighter was sighted.  Four torpedoes, fired at night from the surface, sank the ship.

       Three or four days after this attack, U-575 sank her first tanker.  Two torpedoes fired at night from the surface were expended in this sinking.

        (O.N.I. Note:  None of these sinkings could be identified.)

        At some time during this patrol the two torpedoes carried in upper deck containers were brought down into the boat.

        During this patrol, U-575 was supplied for the first time.  Fuel was taken over from an unidentified supply U-boat ("U-tanker").  A doctor from the supply U-boat boarded U-575 to inquire after the health of the crew.

        While on her way back to base, U-575 experienced her first aircraft attack.  A two-motored plane was sighted by the bridge watch and the order was given to crash-dive.  The plane dropped four or five bombs, which apparently missed by a wide enough margin so that no damage was done to the U-boat.  It was stated that this incident occurred before U-575 had reached the Biscay area.  (O.N.I. Note:  This attack has not been identified.)

        After a patrol of about eight weeks, U-575 returned to St. Nazaire, probably in mid-September 1942.



Empire Explorer ex Inanda

San Gaspar

San Gaspar


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