U 575

3.war patrol

January 14 to February 26, 1942

Operational area: West-Atlantic/Newfoundlandbank/Nova Scotia in front of Kap Sable


U 575


plan 3.war patrol

On this operation the U-Boat had no success.

U 575 was not a part of a group on this patrol. All available boats (eleven) were summarized to the operation “Paukenschlag” (attack against USA) before. For the operation “Paukenschlag” came back U 575 to late from the operation before. It came back to St.Nazaire at 17.12. and “Paukenschlag began at 14.1. and in the beginning the boats have to sailed the long way to the USA-coast.

Just after beginning the new operation it has emerged, that a damage on the boat has reduced the heavy speed about 3 knots. And like the beginning, was the operation ended, too. U 575 got order to meet the vessel “Spreewald”, a blockade runner, disguised as Norwegian vessel “Elg”, and escorted to St. Nazaire. At 30.1. get Heydemann the info, that “Spreewald” accidentally was sank by Cremer. U 575 got the release for free hunting. Cremer and Schuch got the order to search the boats of the “Spreewald”. At 3.2. found Schuch the survivors.


Summary of the Interrogation Report (US O.N.I.)

Still with the same officers, U-575 sailed from St. Nazaire late in January 1942. Her third patrol, lasting six or six and a half weeks, was as unsuccessful as her second patrol. She belonged to no group and was not supplied. She made no attacks and was not herself attacked. She returned to St. Nazaire in mid-March 1942.



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